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    The Gravity sticks are the top segment and a fixed value in the collection of The Indian Maharadja. A range with real power sticks executed in sleek, stylish and professional designs. The Gravity models are centrally balanced mid bow sticks with a 24mm bow height at 30cm from the micro head with slender point. The Gravity 90 fine-woven is a professional, high-end stick with carbon look, backhand protection and an extra grip surface on the inside of the head. Produced with a high-quality carbon content of 90 fine-woven which provides a lot of strength, stiffness and more damping value. The Gravity 90 fine-woven is a first-class stick for the technical and experienced player. A combination of perfect stick handling, control and pure power.

    SEASON 2019-2020
    BOW  / CURVE24 mm mid bow
    GRIP extreme cushion grip
    MATERIAL carbon 90 fine woven, backhand protectie, 
    FINISH semi matte coating
    BOW  CURVE (MM)24 mmBOW 
    CURVE (LOC)mid bow - 30 cm
    COLOR black / white
    CORE 2-core technology